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How to Optimise your Network for VoIP

Small and medium-sized businesses are abandoning traditional phone services at a startling pace. But are they ready to adopt VoIP? We are always ready to introduce VoIP to your company. But can your network support the VoIP phone system you want? Reliability is critical to communication in business. VoIP cannot offer your company a consistent […] Read…

VoIP phone systems for business

Benefits of Cloud PBX

Even though information technology keeps advancing, legacy communication mechanisms are still quite prevalent. Many of you are clinging tightly to traditional phone systems and for good reason. Not only are they familiar to you but they actually work. As far as you can see, your traditional PBX setup meets every single need your business has. […] Read…

VoIP phone systems for business

The VoIP 2025 Revolution and What This Means for You

We keep preaching the message of VoIP. We keep telling people that it is the future. But a surprising number refuses to listen. Even with all the benefits that VoIP has to offer, their loyalty to traditional phone lines keeps winning out. Well, this debate no longer matters. VoIP is going to take over in […] Read…